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The YMCA Community Campaign

At the Y, we provide more than Child Care…we provide social, emotional, behavioral support, we provide a place to learn and grow, and we provide an opportunity for all kids to be their best.

The Farmington Valley YMCA has four after school Child Care sites and we work in partnership with many people to ensure a positive experience for our participants.  We have a young person in one of our programs who lives with a foster family.  The child has visits with their mother and participates in therapeutic foster care meetings, in-home therapy, and therapeutic mentoring. This child has been through a lot during her life and we want to do our part to ensure a better future for her.


Our Child Care Director noticed that this child needed special attention and would benefit from additional positive role models. The child needed boundaries and a caring environment to compliment the support she was already receiving. By working with the child, our Y team has been able to show her that she is cared for. Since the spring when we met her, there have been significant struggles and significant improvement. An event that would have been an uncontrollable instance of defiance in April has shifted to an opportunity for self-control and emotional navigation. The child now has a toolbox to help her monitor and regulate her emotions.  This has allowed her to redirect the event to something more positive. 


As the school year came to a close, our staff wanted to be sure she had continuity of care, so she was invited to attend Camp Chase this past summer. Our camp staff was able to provide the same positive support and guidance that she needed.  We were sure to provide a familiar face by having our Child Care Director visit camp weekly.  It was a great summer experience for her.

Since the beginning of the school year, there have been some of the difficult behaviors we were seeing before, but not as often and the outcomes are becoming more positive with increased consistency.  We are collaborating with key stakeholders on a weekly basis.  This includes the in-home care workers, the therapeutic foster care team, and members of the school community.  We are working together to support positive growth as we work towards her reunification with her biological family.  

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Why it Matters

Funds raised enable us: 
  • To subsidize many programs and increase affordability
  • To provide direct financial assistance for those who cannot afford program and membership fees
  • To expand existing programs, particularly in underserved communities; and
  • To provide start-up funds for community programs.

100 Percent of Donations Go Back to the Communities We Serve

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How does the Round Up Work?

Every time you make a purchase, your spare change will be rounded up and donated to the YMCA.  Visit a coffee shop and spend $3.60… $.40 will be rounded up.  Roundups are tallied until they reach $5. Once $5 is reached, the donation is triggered and your credit card or bank account is charged. This way, your bank statement doesn’t become overwhelmed with micro-charges.   This is a simple and easy way to create change for the YMCA!


Will I receive a tax deductible receipt for my contribution?

You will receive automatic monthly statements of your contributions to the email address connected to your account. At the end of the year, you may print a year-end receipt of your annual donations by logging in and visiting your Settings. Please consult your authorized legal counsel as to the deductibility of your contributions as the rules vary state by state. 

What if I would like to pause or set a limit on my contributions?

You can pause donations at any time by logging into your account and visiting your Donation Settings. You can also set a monthly limit. Roundup donations will halt once your contributions reach your monthly cap.